The people of Yateley Neighbourcare

    Yateley Neighbourcare is managed by a small dedicated group of volunteers along with a small army of drivers and duty officers. The principle officers of the charity are shown below. If you wish to book a journey with us please contact the duty officer on 03000 05 05 05.

    Mr. David Keay    

    Chairman (Trustee)                                     


    Mr. Peter Cairns

    Secretary (Trustee)


    Mrs. Sandra Molloy

    Newsletter & Roster Keeper Committee Member (Trustee)


    Mrs. Margaret Picken

    Duty Officer Training & Volunteer Secretary (Trustee)

      Mr Tony Clapton    
    Treasurer (Trustee)

    Mr. Peter King

    Transport Officer (Trustee)


    Mr. John O'Gorman

    Committee member (Trustee)


    Mr. Sam Williams

    Publicity Officer (Trustee)

      Mrs. Alison Rich
        Duty Officer Training