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    Updated  Hospital Parking Guides
    for Volunteer Drivers
    New Hospital Parking Guides are now available for volunteer car drivers.

    The guides are a series of PDF documents providing information about the parking arrangements at the main hospital sites throughout the county. These show where volunteer car drivers, who are driving on behalf of a voluntary car scheme, can use the Hampshire Hospital Parking Permit to park free of charge. They also include the hospitals that are just over the county boundary that are regularly used by Hampshire's voluntary car scheme drivers.

    They can be downloaded from the Hants Web page by clicking here - the indivdual hospital guides are on the right. If the page gets moved and cannot be found via the link above try the main Hants Web page here and then search for "Hospital Parking guide".

    A copy of the general guide can be downloaded here. Hospital Parking Guide.

    Voluntary car schemes in the Good Neighbours Network provided over 60,000 trips to hospitals, GP and other medical appointments in 2011/12 – an invaluable service across Hampshire.