Help with transport
Volunteer drivers use their own vehicles to take local people to a range of appointments
We offer
  • Medical Visits

    We provide transport to hospital, doctors, dentists etc appointments.

  • Non-Medical

    We are also happy to take people to visit friends and relatives who are themselves in hospital or care, and will consider other activities such as shopping.

Welcome to Yateley Neighbourcare

We offer transport to people in the Yateley area who have difficulty with public transport due to disability or disadvantage. We take people to health appointments, visits to relatives, occasional shopping trips or for any purpose that helps with day-to-day living.

Yateley Neighbourcare has been working for 35 years totally managed and run by a dedicated group of  volunteers. We have recently registered as a charity to allow access to additional facilities and services. This will enable us to continue to provide a much needed and appreciated service to Yateley residents.

Please use these pages to contact us if we can help with your transport needs or if you would like to become a volunteer driver or duty officer.

New Hospital Parking Guides are now available for volunteer car drivers see members page.

To arrange transport contact the duty officer on
03000 05 05 05
Line open 9.00am - 5.00pm weekdays
Calls charged as local rate and included in free minutes if you have them